Want some inspiration?  Need something I haven't got on the site?  These are women and sites that inject my business with a little extra sumpthin'-sumpthin':

Kristen Christen, my Director-daughter for all things Pink Passion Unit-ish!

Amy Kemp for THE VIDEO to send to those you're career chatting!

Cheryl Warfield, NSD for inspiration from OUR National Sales Director!

MK Connections for all your biz tools and MK fun stuff to supercharge your business!

Court of Achievers for even more MK-specific biz tools!

My Girlfriend's House for awesome cellobags and gifts for hostesses!

Michelle Cunningham, Senior Sales Director for all things brilliant and clever and motivating and fun!  Subscribe to her Youtube channel!

Gloria Mayfield Banks, NSD  for all things KICKIN' it into high gear!  Watch her youtube speeches and you'll be wanting to sign your agreement all over again!

Kristin Sharpe, NSD for amazing training tools, inspiration!