Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Day in my MK Life

There are some terrific routines posted out there by incredibly creative and smart Mary Kay Consultants and Directors to help you organize your day as an entrepreneur.  Mary Kay Ash herself implemented the "6 Most Important Things' for her business and one for her family. Tammy Crayk's plan is another common sense, get 'r done example.

I'm not into reinventing the wheel, for sure, but I do enjoy trying other's methods then TWEAKING to make it MY Mary Kay.  I'm just a bit independent that way....and yes, I've trudged my own way, and ended up heading back to the well-beaten path at times too.  It's all good!  That's what makes my business MY business.  My adventure...and I prefer it that way.  I have the luxury of messing about a bit as my WHY is more about finding and following the fun....not necessarily making a ton of money right away.  I know other's WHY is 'to make money for my family'.....which is totally legit, and why I write this blog!  So those who want to hit the ground running can use ideas I've already hashed out. And I offer them with love <3  I'm happy to share from my experience, and I'm SOOOO grateful MK fosters the kind of environment where sharing is the norm!

So with that in mind, I should warn you right up front and center that anything you glean from me is subject to change as I tweak stuff.  I'm a tweaker.  I like change.  Thankfully I have the good sense to stick with something when it's working, but until I feel 'settled', I'm always rounding off corners (work smarter, not harder), adding some fluff (make it fun even if it's not 'biz-smart') or just generally try stuff on for size (who doesn't like shopping?).

Also, I'm not a natural routine-follower.  I'm more spontaneous.  I like that about me.  Leaves me open for inspiration and pleasant surprises.  BUT, I do recognize routines play a HUGE part in my success as I build a business.  So,  I may not do these things in the same order or even get them all done each day....but I like knowing I have a 'home base' to start from once I've had my beauty sleep and morning carbs.

May I now present my version of how I would like my Mary Kay Day to run:
1.  Spend some time catching up on Voxer and my Director's fb page, then onto InTouch to see my 'action items' (this is how you get your reminders for follow ups, birthday cards, etc.)  Make notes about what 'action' needs to be taken.  I also check out the left sidebar on InTouch for any news. Then it's on to my Planner....

2.  Tidy up my Mary Kay office space.  Yeah.  This includes putting away stock from orders with my labels.  I can't wait to have an office assistant who can do this for me!

3.  Enter any new customer profiles with reminders, enter weekly accomplishments, file paper stuff (I'll do a post on how I do that), check inventory levels, prepare Mary Poppins bag with clean mirrors and fresh demos/samples/etc. if needed, new printouts for party games, hostess packets, etc. Product Replacements if needed.

4.  Coach hostesses and text reminders for upcoming facials.  This includes posting teasers on any Facebook Event pages, private messaging guests, texting/calling guests from hostess's list.

5.   Text referrals.  Follow up with those I haven't confirmed.  Book 'em!

6.  Check in with Team Members.  Show 'em some love.

7.  Follow up with any Customers on my Reminder list, anyone I Career Chatted in the last 24 hours.

Of course, any facials or parties are priorities.....

I don't do all these things everyday, but I think I'd grow faster if I did!  I'm working my way there.  Sometimes I'm just not feelin' it, so I do bare minimum maintenence until I feel the momentum building in the right direction ('cause we all know it can go both ways, yeah?) Again, I'm not needing to move fast, make money fast, etc, so I have the luxury of taking days off.  BUT I recognize my time investment in these activities will DEFINITELY pay off when I stick to them.

So that's a Day in My MK, at least what I work towards :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clear the Noise

I was asked to record a quick video to share with one of my new favorite women's empowerment organizations: Clear the Noise.  Find out my best tip for when you can't stop the negative-babble in your brain!

Create a beauty-FULL day!

How I Do a Color Look

My goal at the end of every appointment/class/party is to see every guest at least one more time.  That's how you build a relationship!  It won't happen with every person, but shoot for seeing everyone at least twice.  You can do this by booking a party with them thru the Deal or No Deal game, scheduling a Career Chat, or offering a follow-up Color Look. This post will be all about the Color Look! Almost EVERY girl likes to play with makeup, so here's your opportunity to show her colors and application techniques using our incredible product line! 

Color Looks can be done with hostesses just before their party, which is a great enticement for guests to book their own class/party!  "See how great your hostess looks?  If you book a party, I come early and do a total make-up makeover on you!"

Color Looks can also be scheduled after a one-on-one facial: "I like to focus on one specific part of Mary Kay's product line, and today we did our amazing skincare.  I'd love to schedule another time and do just makeup!"  Then let them know if they'd like to bring a couple friends, they can earn some credit. (You do the Color Look for the hostess, but do regular facials on her friends.)

The last way to do Color Looks is to host all your past hostesses and skincare customers for a Color Look Party.  Make sure they have all had a facial previously...remember we want them on our skincare, not just our makeup!  I did one of these and had my daughter do a Color Look on me in front of my guests.  Then she helped each guest pick and apply color.  If I did it again, I would just sit at the table and do my makeup with them...walking them thru each product and application.   Cuts down on time involved!

For a group Color Look, I'd also narrow the choices.  CC Cream.  A 3 shade cool color eye look and a 3 shade warm tone eye look.  A few of the popular shades of Creme Lipstick and Nourishine Glosses.  A warm neutral and a pinky neutral blush.  Black, Black-brown or Steely eye liner.  Clear lip liner.  I would talk about our concealer, powders, highlighter pen, brow liners and gel, cream blush and eye colors....showing them how to use them on myself, but I wouldn't have guests try them as it would take a lot of time for a group.  Those products are better for one-on-ones.

Here's the LINK to my Color Look Script.

I thought it might be easier to walk thru how I pack my bag in one video, then do a second video showing how I use each product on myself, so you can walk a customer thru it as well. I'll post those soon!

Know Thy Why

So you had a hard week?  Lots of cancellations or sent lots of texts and only heard crickets?  Yeah, we all have weeks like that.  Sometimes we romance the idea that just clocking in and getting a paycheck would be soooo much easier, less emotionally taxing.  We think "What in the world was I thinking by starting my own business?!"

Here's where you pull the wild card.  The Ace-in-the-hole.  YOUR WHY.

I want to share with you what I truly believe is the secret to building not just a successful business with MK, but a JOYFUL business with MK.

I notice we sometimes get stuck when we focus on all the how's and who's and where's of the business.  When we pay too much attention to those specifics, we can burn out or feel overwhelmed.  I think the KEY is to keep our WHY before us all day long.  It has to drive everything we do.  It has to undergird the framework for our business because it's the fuel for our engine!

What was it about the Mary Kay Opportunity that resonated so deeply you were inspired to sign that agreement?  THAT is your Powerful Why!  Our 'Why' is the emotional feeling place that propelled us into believing we could make this business work.  It's where we were before our brains engaged into the details.  And it's the place we need to return to at the start of every day (or at least as soon as we can after we've had a 'crash').

I'm finding when I take time to find that emotional 'why' place, all the other details work themselves out.  Because when you're centered in your WHY, you are inspired to action on those other things.  And then this amazing thing happens....your business becomes this long beautiful string of 'get-to's', and positive momentum begins building and the adventure becomes a joy-FULL, exciting journey.  "I get to make booking calls today because I'm earning the means to pay off my debt and take my family to Disney!"  "I get to share this Opportunity today and it might change some woman's life!"

I've noticed too, that your WHY can morph and change over time as you are exposed to the possibilities this business can offer, and as you meet other MK women further along in their journey...your dreams become bigger and maybe more specific.  That's totally fine!  What *is* of upmost importance is that you keep whatever that WHY is at the forefront of your mind every day!

So I came up with this little exercise.  Just fill in the blank.

"WHY DID I JOIN MARY KAY?  BECAUSE I WANT___________________________."

The answer can be long or short, more specific or less specific...whatever feels good to you.  BUT, I want you to write this sentence over and over on a sheet of paper.  Writing is one of the most focused activities you can do, and as you write this over and over, you will actually begin to conjur the FEELING of your why, and then you are off to the races!  When you write your why several times, you're gonna feel like it's already'll get the essence of what you want in a feeling sense.  And once your invested at that gut level, IT WILL HAPPEN.  Just a matter of time.

When you're done writing your sentence several times, cut it out and post them up in several places around your house where you spend time: your bathroom mirror, next to your bed, over the sink or stove, in your office area, in your car, and even on top of your script when you do parties.  You are literally laying new pathways, telling a new story, training your thoughts.  You are CREATING YOUR REALITY.  Each day it will be easier and easier as you see results coming and momentum starting to build.  Our intentions are POWERFUL!  If you set an intention to keep your WHY before everything else, everything else will fall into place with very little effort and lots of joy!  And like I said before....the journey just becomes a long beautiful string of 'get-to's.  I'm watching this happen in my business, I watched happen in my Director-Daughter's business...

So, my secret for a successfulled and joyfilled MK business?  KNOW THY WHY, focus there everyday and watch the magic happen!  Seems I'm in good company...NSD Gloria agrees:

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Pampering Spa Party!

CLICK HERE for Pampering Spa Party Script and Supply List

We all know that the money is in the Skincare Class, but what if a hostess would rather do something different?

I generally steer all first-time Hostesses to a standard Miracle Set Class with a Dash-out-the-Door Color Look.  I tell them the goal is to earn some discounted stuff, and a regular Skincare Class offers the best opportunity for that.  BUT, if a hostess offers to host a second time, a gal JUST WON'T host unless it's something other than a Skincare Class, or you're hitting up past hostesses again, it's awesome to have another option.

So, my goal is ALWAYS to get customers using our skincare, not just our makeup.  I make the most profit on selling skincare, so I put together some other skincare products to demo and called it a Pampering Spa Party.  I highlight our Miracle Set during the party, but guests get to use other skincare and Color products they otherwise wouldn't get to try during a regular facial!  Super fun!

You can use the Color Cards offered by Mary Kay on InTouch for the makeup, or you will need to have products and samples on hand, so this is a party option you work up to as your biz grows.  I also make sure I have at least a couple of each of the products they try on hand for purchase as well.....but again, this is something you work up to as you build your store.

When guests arrive, I match their CC Cream foundation and let them pick a Nourishine Lipgloss color while they fill out customer profile sheets. (I demo the Timewise Liquid foundation and True Dimensions Lip Color at regular Classes.)  I have also set out perfume in the center of the table for them to sniff.  I use small plastic containers containing cotton balls sprayed with each scent that I've labelled on the outside.  I have one just filled with ground coffee to use between sniffs. :)  I have them write down their favorite on their Profiles, then come around and give them a spritz.

This party takes a bit more time, but gives you the opportunity to introduce some of our other products.  It's also a great party for you to host and invite all your past hostesses....especially if there's some new seasonal products out to try as well!  BTW, I don't do Make Up Parties.  I only offer Color Looks to those who have attended a Skincare Class or who book a Class.  If gals book with Deal or No Deal at a Spa Party, then I would do a regular Miracle Set demo at their party. I also always offer a one-on-one follow-up Color Look with each guest at their private consultation.

Recap!  Skincare sales are the best for both Hostess and Consultant. The Pampering Spa Party is another option for second time hostesses or for the Consultant to host. You're still highlighting great skin care products, AND giving gals a chance to try some other make up products.

Create a BEAUTY-filled day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pivot into Positivity.

There's always, ALWAYS a better way to look at a negative circumstance.  And if you're a gal who's used to seeing the glass half empty, I've got some TERRIFIC news for you, because *I* used to be like that too!  It's a mindset not set in stone, nay.  It's easily changeable with a little practice.  Direct sales is not for the faint at heart.  You gotta hear 'no' now and then.  I'm learning a few mind tricks to keep building positive momentum even in the midst of a string of 'no's'.

1.  Believe that the right people will come into your life at the right time.  SO IMPORTANT!
When someone says 'no' or a facial cancels, it's a perfect time to remind yourself that you don't want every single person in your space.  Some folks just aren't the kind of folks you want as customers or team members.  If you believe that person *is* someone you want as a customer or team member, tell yourself perhaps the time isn't right, and when the stars align, they'll come back.

2.  Hear 100 no's this month.  It's a trick to guarantee you'll get some yes's.
Some in our Company choose to see hearing a 'no' as taking a vitamin that makes you stronger each time you swallow.

3.  Re-evaluate how you're asking.  Are you using the right SCRIPTS
Maybe you need a tweak here and there.  Are you smiling while you leave a message?  Sometimes just a little change of action can ease a feeling of "I'm stuck".

Hopefully these tips can help you pivot from a depressing downward spiral to a more positive push toward success when the No's are outweighing the Yes's.  I see each step up from 'ick' as a success!  You may not be flying on cloud nine, but you aren't in the depths of "this isn't working for me" anymore.  Just pivot a bit away from the pit with my 3 tips!

Create a BEAUTY-full day!