Monday, March 2, 2015

The Pampering Spa Party!

CLICK HERE for Pampering Spa Party Script and Supply List

We all know that the money is in the Skincare Class, but what if a hostess would rather do something different?

I generally steer all first-time Hostesses to a standard Miracle Set Class with a Dash-out-the-Door Color Look.  I tell them the goal is to earn some discounted stuff, and a regular Skincare Class offers the best opportunity for that.  BUT, if a hostess offers to host a second time, a gal JUST WON'T host unless it's something other than a Skincare Class, or you're hitting up past hostesses again, it's awesome to have another option.

So, my goal is ALWAYS to get customers using our skincare, not just our makeup.  I make the most profit on selling skincare, so I put together some other skincare products to demo and called it a Pampering Spa Party.  I highlight our Miracle Set during the party, but guests get to use other skincare and Color products they otherwise wouldn't get to try during a regular facial!  Super fun!

You can use the Color Cards offered by Mary Kay on InTouch for the makeup, or you will need to have products and samples on hand, so this is a party option you work up to as your biz grows.  I also make sure I have at least a couple of each of the products they try on hand for purchase as well.....but again, this is something you work up to as you build your store.

When guests arrive, I match their CC Cream foundation and let them pick a Nourishine Lipgloss color while they fill out customer profile sheets. (I demo the Timewise Liquid foundation and True Dimensions Lip Color at regular Classes.)  I have also set out perfume in the center of the table for them to sniff.  I use small plastic containers containing cotton balls sprayed with each scent that I've labelled on the outside.  I have one just filled with ground coffee to use between sniffs. :)  I have them write down their favorite on their Profiles, then come around and give them a spritz.

This party takes a bit more time, but gives you the opportunity to introduce some of our other products.  It's also a great party for you to host and invite all your past hostesses....especially if there's some new seasonal products out to try as well!  BTW, I don't do Make Up Parties.  I only offer Color Looks to those who have attended a Skincare Class or who book a Class.  If gals book with Deal or No Deal at a Spa Party, then I would do a regular Miracle Set demo at their party. I also always offer a one-on-one follow-up Color Look with each guest at their private consultation.

Recap!  Skincare sales are the best for both Hostess and Consultant. The Pampering Spa Party is another option for second time hostesses or for the Consultant to host. You're still highlighting great skin care products, AND giving gals a chance to try some other make up products.

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