Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How I Do a Color Look

My goal at the end of every appointment/class/party is to see every guest at least one more time.  That's how you build a relationship!  It won't happen with every person, but shoot for seeing everyone at least twice.  You can do this by booking a party with them thru the Deal or No Deal game, scheduling a Career Chat, or offering a follow-up Color Look. This post will be all about the Color Look! Almost EVERY girl likes to play with makeup, so here's your opportunity to show her colors and application techniques using our incredible product line! 

Color Looks can be done with hostesses just before their party, which is a great enticement for guests to book their own class/party!  "See how great your hostess looks?  If you book a party, I come early and do a total make-up makeover on you!"

Color Looks can also be scheduled after a one-on-one facial: "I like to focus on one specific part of Mary Kay's product line, and today we did our amazing skincare.  I'd love to schedule another time and do just makeup!"  Then let them know if they'd like to bring a couple friends, they can earn some credit. (You do the Color Look for the hostess, but do regular facials on her friends.)

The last way to do Color Looks is to host all your past hostesses and skincare customers for a Color Look Party.  Make sure they have all had a facial previously...remember we want them on our skincare, not just our makeup!  I did one of these and had my daughter do a Color Look on me in front of my guests.  Then she helped each guest pick and apply color.  If I did it again, I would just sit at the table and do my makeup with them...walking them thru each product and application.   Cuts down on time involved!

For a group Color Look, I'd also narrow the choices.  CC Cream.  A 3 shade cool color eye look and a 3 shade warm tone eye look.  A few of the popular shades of Creme Lipstick and Nourishine Glosses.  A warm neutral and a pinky neutral blush.  Black, Black-brown or Steely eye liner.  Clear lip liner.  I would talk about our concealer, powders, highlighter pen, brow liners and gel, cream blush and eye colors....showing them how to use them on myself, but I wouldn't have guests try them as it would take a lot of time for a group.  Those products are better for one-on-ones.

Here's the LINK to my Color Look Script.

I thought it might be easier to walk thru how I pack my bag in one video, then do a second video showing how I use each product on myself, so you can walk a customer thru it as well. I'll post those soon!