Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pivot into Positivity.

There's always, ALWAYS a better way to look at a negative circumstance.  And if you're a gal who's used to seeing the glass half empty, I've got some TERRIFIC news for you, because *I* used to be like that too!  It's a mindset not set in stone, nay.  It's easily changeable with a little practice.  Direct sales is not for the faint at heart.  You gotta hear 'no' now and then.  I'm learning a few mind tricks to keep building positive momentum even in the midst of a string of 'no's'.

1.  Believe that the right people will come into your life at the right time.  SO IMPORTANT!
When someone says 'no' or a facial cancels, it's a perfect time to remind yourself that you don't want every single person in your space.  Some folks just aren't the kind of folks you want as customers or team members.  If you believe that person *is* someone you want as a customer or team member, tell yourself perhaps the time isn't right, and when the stars align, they'll come back.

2.  Hear 100 no's this month.  It's a trick to guarantee you'll get some yes's.
Some in our Company choose to see hearing a 'no' as taking a vitamin that makes you stronger each time you swallow.

3.  Re-evaluate how you're asking.  Are you using the right SCRIPTS
Maybe you need a tweak here and there.  Are you smiling while you leave a message?  Sometimes just a little change of action can ease a feeling of "I'm stuck".

Hopefully these tips can help you pivot from a depressing downward spiral to a more positive push toward success when the No's are outweighing the Yes's.  I see each step up from 'ick' as a success!  You may not be flying on cloud nine, but you aren't in the depths of "this isn't working for me" anymore.  Just pivot a bit away from the pit with my 3 tips!

Create a BEAUTY-full day!