Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Know Thy Why

So you had a hard week?  Lots of cancellations or sent lots of texts and only heard crickets?  Yeah, we all have weeks like that.  Sometimes we romance the idea that just clocking in and getting a paycheck would be soooo much easier, less emotionally taxing.  We think "What in the world was I thinking by starting my own business?!"

Here's where you pull the wild card.  The Ace-in-the-hole.  YOUR WHY.

I want to share with you what I truly believe is the secret to building not just a successful business with MK, but a JOYFUL business with MK.

I notice we sometimes get stuck when we focus on all the how's and who's and where's of the business.  When we pay too much attention to those specifics, we can burn out or feel overwhelmed.  I think the KEY is to keep our WHY before us all day long.  It has to drive everything we do.  It has to undergird the framework for our business because it's the fuel for our engine!

What was it about the Mary Kay Opportunity that resonated so deeply you were inspired to sign that agreement?  THAT is your Powerful Why!  Our 'Why' is the emotional feeling place that propelled us into believing we could make this business work.  It's where we were before our brains engaged into the details.  And it's the place we need to return to at the start of every day (or at least as soon as we can after we've had a 'crash').

I'm finding when I take time to find that emotional 'why' place, all the other details work themselves out.  Because when you're centered in your WHY, you are inspired to action on those other things.  And then this amazing thing happens....your business becomes this long beautiful string of 'get-to's', and positive momentum begins building and the adventure becomes a joy-FULL, exciting journey.  "I get to make booking calls today because I'm earning the means to pay off my debt and take my family to Disney!"  "I get to share this Opportunity today and it might change some woman's life!"

I've noticed too, that your WHY can morph and change over time as you are exposed to the possibilities this business can offer, and as you meet other MK women further along in their journey...your dreams become bigger and maybe more specific.  That's totally fine!  What *is* of upmost importance is that you keep whatever that WHY is at the forefront of your mind every day!

So I came up with this little exercise.  Just fill in the blank.

"WHY DID I JOIN MARY KAY?  BECAUSE I WANT___________________________."

The answer can be long or short, more specific or less specific...whatever feels good to you.  BUT, I want you to write this sentence over and over on a sheet of paper.  Writing is one of the most focused activities you can do, and as you write this over and over, you will actually begin to conjur the FEELING of your why, and then you are off to the races!  When you write your why several times, you're gonna feel like it's already'll get the essence of what you want in a feeling sense.  And once your invested at that gut level, IT WILL HAPPEN.  Just a matter of time.

When you're done writing your sentence several times, cut it out and post them up in several places around your house where you spend time: your bathroom mirror, next to your bed, over the sink or stove, in your office area, in your car, and even on top of your script when you do parties.  You are literally laying new pathways, telling a new story, training your thoughts.  You are CREATING YOUR REALITY.  Each day it will be easier and easier as you see results coming and momentum starting to build.  Our intentions are POWERFUL!  If you set an intention to keep your WHY before everything else, everything else will fall into place with very little effort and lots of joy!  And like I said before....the journey just becomes a long beautiful string of 'get-to's.  I'm watching this happen in my business, I watched happen in my Director-Daughter's business...

So, my secret for a successfulled and joyfilled MK business?  KNOW THY WHY, focus there everyday and watch the magic happen!  Seems I'm in good company...NSD Gloria agrees: