Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Day in my MK Life

There are some terrific routines posted out there by incredibly creative and smart Mary Kay Consultants and Directors to help you organize your day as an entrepreneur.  Mary Kay Ash herself implemented the "6 Most Important Things' for her business and one for her family. Tammy Crayk's plan is another common sense, get 'r done example.

I'm not into reinventing the wheel, for sure, but I do enjoy trying other's methods then TWEAKING to make it MY Mary Kay.  I'm just a bit independent that way....and yes, I've trudged my own way, and ended up heading back to the well-beaten path at times too.  It's all good!  That's what makes my business MY business.  My adventure...and I prefer it that way.  I have the luxury of messing about a bit as my WHY is more about finding and following the fun....not necessarily making a ton of money right away.  I know other's WHY is 'to make money for my family'.....which is totally legit, and why I write this blog!  So those who want to hit the ground running can use ideas I've already hashed out. And I offer them with love <3  I'm happy to share from my experience, and I'm SOOOO grateful MK fosters the kind of environment where sharing is the norm!

So with that in mind, I should warn you right up front and center that anything you glean from me is subject to change as I tweak stuff.  I'm a tweaker.  I like change.  Thankfully I have the good sense to stick with something when it's working, but until I feel 'settled', I'm always rounding off corners (work smarter, not harder), adding some fluff (make it fun even if it's not 'biz-smart') or just generally try stuff on for size (who doesn't like shopping?).

Also, I'm not a natural routine-follower.  I'm more spontaneous.  I like that about me.  Leaves me open for inspiration and pleasant surprises.  BUT, I do recognize routines play a HUGE part in my success as I build a business.  So,  I may not do these things in the same order or even get them all done each day....but I like knowing I have a 'home base' to start from once I've had my beauty sleep and morning carbs.

May I now present my version of how I would like my Mary Kay Day to run:
1.  Spend some time catching up on Voxer and my Director's fb page, then onto InTouch to see my 'action items' (this is how you get your reminders for follow ups, birthday cards, etc.)  Make notes about what 'action' needs to be taken.  I also check out the left sidebar on InTouch for any news. Then it's on to my Planner....

2.  Tidy up my Mary Kay office space.  Yeah.  This includes putting away stock from orders with my labels.  I can't wait to have an office assistant who can do this for me!

3.  Enter any new customer profiles with reminders, enter weekly accomplishments, file paper stuff (I'll do a post on how I do that), check inventory levels, prepare Mary Poppins bag with clean mirrors and fresh demos/samples/etc. if needed, new printouts for party games, hostess packets, etc. Product Replacements if needed.

4.  Coach hostesses and text reminders for upcoming facials.  This includes posting teasers on any Facebook Event pages, private messaging guests, texting/calling guests from hostess's list.

5.   Text referrals.  Follow up with those I haven't confirmed.  Book 'em!

6.  Check in with Team Members.  Show 'em some love.

7.  Follow up with any Customers on my Reminder list, anyone I Career Chatted in the last 24 hours.

Of course, any facials or parties are priorities.....

I don't do all these things everyday, but I think I'd grow faster if I did!  I'm working my way there.  Sometimes I'm just not feelin' it, so I do bare minimum maintenence until I feel the momentum building in the right direction ('cause we all know it can go both ways, yeah?) Again, I'm not needing to move fast, make money fast, etc, so I have the luxury of taking days off.  BUT I recognize my time investment in these activities will DEFINITELY pay off when I stick to them.

So that's a Day in My MK, at least what I work towards :)